What is Java used for

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In this post, you will learn what is java used for and many more.

If you are a beginner, then this guide is for you. In this guide, you will know what is java used for and what is java, free courses, and more.

If you choose web, mobile app development you must need to learn this.

Of course, you will have more opportunities if you learn technologies like Python and Java.

So, without any further delay let’s go!!

What is Java?

It is a popular programming language developed in the year 1995. Of course, it was owned by Oracle.

In fact, it runs more than 3 billion devices across the world.

Additionally, It is free to use and can run on different platforms.

It is a widely popular programming language that is similar to C++.

In reality, it’s main aim is to develop programs. But, later programmers using it in developing applications.

In tech terms, it is object-oriented, class-based and concurrent.

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In this section, you will know it main uses.

  • It is simple and easy to learn.
  • In addition, it is free and open-source for everyone.
  • It can work on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and more.
  • It is powerful, fast, and secured.
  • If you learn C or C++ it will be easy for you to learn Java.
  • There are millions of developers so you can have great community support.

What is Java used for?

So far, we have learnt things related to Java. Now it’s time to see why we use it.

  1. Web Development

Yes, these days it is using in developing web applications. It plays a key role in server-side programming.

In fact, there are popular frameworks like Spring, Hibernate are using in developing web applications.

2. Android App Development

If you want to build an app then you must need to know Java.

However, 50% of the android apps a in the world are developing by using this technology.

Android Studio is one the popular IDE that will help you in building android apps.

3. Game Development

Same as C# and C++, Java is a good option if you are getting started.

In game development, this technology will become handy in graphics.

There are also popular libraries like OpenGL and LibGDX.

4. Internet of Things

Java is a good option for IoT because of it’s versatility and speed.

Main advantage is that you will write code once and it will run on different devices. In this way, it reduces time and development cost.

So, it is using in different medical and car devices.

5. Big Data

You will probably hearing this term quite often these days.

In fact, many programmers are looking towards this language in Big Data.

There are popular tools like Hadoop which has a great community support.

To sum up, we can say Java is everywhere is now.

Of course, there are popular companies like Pinterest, Google, Uber, and other top tier companies are using this technology.

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Free courses

If you want to learn this technology, these are some of the popular free courses.

Additional FAQ

Where to download Java?

You can always download this technology on it’s official website here.

Is Java free?

Obviously, this technology for everyone.

How many days does it take to learn Java?

Well, it is totally up to you. It depends on how much time you will spend on learning.

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