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If you are into the app and web development field you will definitely hear about the UI UX design. Click here to see the UI/UX designer salary, skills, job description, and updated 2020 complete guide.

Many people think UI UX design is a single topic. In reality, UI design and UX design are different from each other. In this post, you will know UI and UX and the differences between them.

What is UI design

The term UI design stands for User Interface design. In simple words, UI is the interaction between the user and the device or a product.

UI consists of things that the user interacts with such as images, buttons, login forms, and many others. Also, the animations, grids, layouts, and transitions come in UI design.

In fact, UI designer’s involved in creating the appearance of a website.

What is UX design

The full form of UX design is User Experience design. Indeed, the name itself says that UX designers mainly concern about the user experience of an application.

In fact, UX is not all about the user experience and visuals.

UX designer also cares about the user interface. Of course, UX design is a process of developing and improving the quality of user interaction.

UI/UX designer job description

To be successful in UI and UX design roles you need to have knowledge in the design and some software tools.

As a UI UX designer you will create functional and appealing applications.

Here you can see the UI/UX designer job description.

  • Planning and implementing new designs.
  • Illustrate ideas and prepare storyboards and sitemaps.
  • Of course, work on existing designs and test new ideas.
  • Identify and troubleshoot design problems.
  • Communicate with the customers and take feedback.
  • Build graphic user interface elements such as widgets, menus, buttons.
  • Give presentations to the team on design.

Of course, the job description of a UI/UX designer may change depending on the experience and company.

UI/UX designer salary

Yes, you will be very curious to know the salary of a UI UX designer. In this section, you will get a clear idea about the salary of a UI UX designer.

Same as software engineers, web developers the salary of UI/UX designers also depends upon the location and experience.

However, we did a research to give you a clear idea about the salary of UI UX designer as of now 2020.

Below you can see the top paying countries for a UI UX designer per year.

Country Name Salary per year in US dollars
United States $85,000
Australia $57,000
Germany $56,000
Canada $52,000
United Kingdom $46,000
China $30,000
UI/UX designer salary

In case, if you are not from the above countries you can always check the salary by using a website like a payscale.

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UI UX design tools


So far we have learned about the UI UX design, job description, salary. Now, it’s time to see some tools that help you as a UI UX designer.

As a UI/UX designer, you need to know the requirements of your clients. Here, prototyping tools come into the business by helping you in your meetings and conversations.

Prototyping tools play a key role in collaborating with the team and customers to remove conflicts.

Additionally, you can always give a visual overview of your ongoing work for your clients and team by using these UI UX design tools.

In fact, prototyping tools will help you to become more creative in terms of design.

So, let’s get started with the best ui/ux design tools in the industry.


If you have some knowledge in UI design you will definitely hear of the sketch because of its features.

Of course, Sketch is one of the best wire-framing and prototyping tools in the industry. In fact, the sketch has various styling, alignment, and resizing features which makes it a great tool.

InVision Studio
With the help of InVision Studio, you can create functional and interactive prototypes with ease.
You can collaborate with others easily with InVision Studio. Such as, you can always share your work with the team, customers, and get feedback from them.
Therefore, it is one of the useful tools worth using.
Adobe XD
Adobe XD helps in creating an overall design software. Surely, UI design is done with ease in terms of prototyping and designing.

This amazing tool is also available on mobiles such as for both android and IOS platforms.

It is a versatile tool that has a real-time collaboration feature. In fact, you can create dynamic elements that are integrated.


Even if you don’t have any experience in UI UX design Balsamiq is there for you. Of course, Balsamiq is the most loved tool in the industry.

In fact, it has great user interface library that helps you in creating great wire-frames. When your prototype is done you can print and run the tests.


When you are into the UI UX design, you need to communicate with the team members. Zeplin becomes handy in communication purposes.

Zeplin helps front end developers in generating code snippets. Another feature worth mentioning is you can always integrate zeplin with your slack channel.

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UI/UX design courses

Due to the current situation, people looking at online degrees are increasing. Hence, there are various UI UX design courses across the internet.

Of course, it is totally up to you to select a course based on your flexibility.

Here is the list some of the top online UI/UX design courses.

Final words

To sum up, UI UX design is a constantly evolving field with a great future. In fact, UI UX design will be having numerous latest advancements. To be successful in this field you need to update yourself with the latest technologies in the industry.

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