The Simple Server; The Seed Minecraft Survival Server

About the Minecraft Survival

In the gaming world, the Minecraft survival server has thousands of players playing each day on different servers available on it. The survival server games have the common theme of fighting with weapons and striving for survival. The features vary from server to server; some are complex, while others are easy to play games. The game involves hostile mobs in which groups fight with each other. Some of them have a common fighting theme, and others offer custom options to make it more interesting.


Features of Minecraft Survival Server

  • Easy accessibility and connectivity to the server
  • PVP was available for fighting in specific areas.
  • Option to acquire the server help
  • Option to select from the Best Minecraft survival server’s list
  • Minecraft to help find the server through google



Defining the Seed Server 

A simple server on the Minecraft survival server: The Seed Server is created specifically by looking at the Minecraft specifications. Though the Seed has fewer custom-coded features, it forms a community. The server specifications and playing mode are easy to understand for the user.


What Makes the Seed Server different from others

The interactive community of The seed server makes it different from the other servers available at the Minecraft survival server. Following are the features of The Seed server;

  • Community building
  • Limited custom features
  • Similar to the theme of a Minecraft survival server
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 100% Uptime



Version and availability of The Seed 

The seed 1.17 version is available on the Minecraft survival server. The server is hosted throughout the United States. The server has great connectivity.


 Connected Game Modes on The Seed

The following are the variety of gaming modes available at the seed Minecraft server;


  1. Survival
  2. Pvp
  3. Economy
  4. SMP
  5. Vanilla
  6. Hardcore
  7. MCMMO



How to have The Seed Server 

The seed server will be available on your desktop by following the steps mentioned below;

  1. Installation of Minecraft survival server

You need to have the launcher of Minecraft survival server installed on your computer

  1. Add the server

Select the option of adding up the server on the Minecraft survival server

3.Choosing the server

Choose the desired server from the Minecraft survival server website.

  1. Copy the IP address

Copy the IP address of The Seed, Add the P address in the Add server tab. Click the done button.

  1. Check the availability of the connection

Once the connection turns green, you will be able to play on the seed Minecraft server


Concluding note

The Seed Server ranks at 18 on the gaming server’s list. It is a friendly community-based gaming server which aims to gather players. The Seed Server typically follows the theme of Minecraft survival server and has amazing connectivity in the United States. The Seed on Minecraft survival server is a simple server that has limited features available for its user. But due to its simplicity, it can be used by beginners. It doesn’t involve difficult options, making it easy for those who want to play Minecraft.