Tell me about yourself for freshers

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Tell me about yourself for freshers

This is a guide for freshers to ace tell me about yourself.

Regardless of the job you apply for, every hiring professional will ask you a question that is “tell me about yourself “.

In fact, the hiring professional have a copy of the CV/Resume. But they just want to know how you can portray your career.

Especially freshers are more often asked to tell me about yourself. To stand out from the crowd you need to create a good impact on you.

The recruiter asks to tell me about yourself not to know your personal details. Only talk about your past, present, and future career details.

Explain to the recruiter that your future goals will align with the job needs that you applied for.

For a good explanation, you must read the job description of the job before answering to tell me about yourself.

To clarify, about the past mention your accomplishments in your education. Then talk about your work experience and match your skills with the job you applied.

Finally, let them know how you are a great fit for the job and how you can bring great value to the company.

If you apply for software engineer, web developer jobs not only coding you must have knowledge also in most common interview questions.

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So, let’s see a example on how to answer tell me about yourself for freshers.

Tell me about yourself for freshers

Just keep it simple and professional while answering tell me about yourself.

  • Firstly, include your education
  • If possible explain why you chose that major
  • Include if you have any prior internship experience
  • Pick a strong line from the job description and elaborate that you will be a great fit

“I graduated from Computer Science and Engineering three months ago. I chose this major because I have been always keen to learn new things in this field. Of course, this field has a great future with a lot of amazing opportunities like this job.”

Tell me about yourself for Internship

For example, if you any prior internship experience then answer tell me about yourself in this way.

” I graduated from an Electrical major recently with an internship experience of three or six months. Firstly, I found this field very interesting and I increased my expertise with the help of my internship. I came across this job and it matches my skills and interests.”

Tell me about yourself for students

If you are still studying then try to answer this question in the following way.

” I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing major. I always enjoy handling things related to Marketing. In addition, I accomplished some good projects during my studies. Companies like yours will always drive me to work hard and create amazing things.

Pro Tip

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, create it right now. It is absolutely free and helps you with job searching. If you have a strong profile then it will be easy for you to get a job.

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