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This site is a comprehensive resource for all your flower delivery needs. We provide you with some of the freshest flower arrangements, gift baskets and other gifts such as chocolates, wine, balloons and more. You can find the perfect present for any occasion including birthdays, get well or sympathy and any other holiday or special event in your life. Our award-winning customer service team is committed to providing you with only the best quality flowers and gifts.

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Westwood Bluffs at Sweet Flower is located on Westwood Boulevard in the heart of Westwood Village. This location that is full of history, charm and character has been in our family for over eight decades. It was built by my grandfather, John Fleming, as a family home in 1936 during the Depression. Grandpa loved to entertain and throw great parties for his friends and family and this home became quite famous because of it.

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Located at Westwood Blvd, between Glendon Ave and Lindbrook Dr is the lovely Beverly Hills. You can consider this area as the busiest section in Beverly Hills. It’s almost impossible to get traffic on the streets. The reason for that is that the lots in these areas are small, leading to a residential subdivision. In spite of these, the lots are really good especially if you want to build your dream home. The motels located here are luxurious, expensive and gorgeous.

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Think about what it takes to create a cohesive look for your event. You have to consider all the details, like the flowers and table decor, as well as the less obvious things, like music, program design and other effects. When you put it all together, your event has a certain mood or feel that expresses who you are and what you hope to achieve. Pay attention to how you want your people to feel when they are with you – Are they energized and ready to take on the world? Should they be fully engaged in the event discussions or should they feel comfortable just “hanging out?”

So why do we want flowers in the winter? Basically, for two reasons. The first is that it tells us that the world isn’t ending. With an eye towards devastation, the apocalypse, and death (sorry), we’re looking to see that while everything else might be dying, there are sweet flowers to be found. As much as being reminded that death exists, we need reminders that life still happens. This can be really hard right now – where ground feels like it might open at any second and swallow us whole. Sweet flowers remind us that while we worry, while we fear and even while something terrible is happening – just. beautiful things happen too.