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Mobile application development – mobile application developer

The usage of mobile phones is increasing rapidly across the world. Likewise, the usage of mobile apps is also increasing. So here comes mobile app development into the business.

Same as web development, software engineering, mobile app development is also becoming more traditional.

Nowadays, apps are a prolific industry. It generates great revenue of up to $600 billion dollars in 2020. In the same way, becoming a mobile application developer helps you to have a lot of career opportunities.

Read this detailed guide clearly because it will help you to know many more details about mobile app development.

Mobile application development

Mobile app development is the process of creating software applications that run on phones. In fact, Mobile application development has its routes from traditional software development.

Hence the mobile application development is a long process. Same as web development involves implementing the Front-end, back-end services, and then connecting the data access with APIs.

App developers test the developed application in targeted devices. Generally, devices include Android, IOS mobile devices.

Types of Apps

If you are planning to build an app you must need to know its types. There are mainly three basic types of apps. Below you can find the different types of apps and their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Native apps
  • Web apps
  • Hybrid apps
Native-apps, Web-apps, hybrid-apps
Native apps, Web apps, Hybrid apps

Native apps

The name itself declares that the native apps are built to be native. Indeed these apps are built for the operating system (OS) like IOS, Android, Windows.

Of course, different types of programming languages to develop native apps. Without a doubt, those must include Java, Swift, Python, Kotlin, Objective C, React, and more.

Advantages of native apps

In fact, native apps are very reliable in terms of performance. The main advantage of these apps is fastness. They can directly connect to the device’s hardware.

These apps can work without even network connectivity. For example, let us say if you are in an airplane, subways, underground tunnel native apps are always accessible.

Disadvantages of native apps

Native app developers don’t have flexibility regarding the platform. The code you create for one platform is not reusable for another. Such as if you develop an app for android it is not suitable for IOS.

The maintenance, development costs of native apps are higher. Native apps are more time-consuming when compared with others. You need at least 18 weeks to develop a good quality app.

Web apps

Web apps are another type of apps, they work similarly to the native apps. But you can access the web apps through a web browser in your mobile device.

In simple words, these apps are responsive websites. These apps are native apps running inside a web browser.

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby are some of the most popular technologies used to develop the web apps.

Advantages of web apps

Web apps are less expensive because they are web based. That means there is no need to customize the web app for any platform.

The storage issue is plus when it comes to web apps because there is nothing to download. Maintenance of web apps is easier since you can directly push updates to the web.

Disadvantages of web apps

Unlike native apps web apps need the internet connection, they don’t work in offline mode. Web apps are completely dependent on the web browser.

In reality, all users don’t use the same browser. This may results in varied experiences from one user to another. For a secured web app, you need to have an SSL certificate and HTTPS access.

Hybrid apps

The name ‘hybrid’ itself says that these apps can work as native apps and can run through web browsers.

Web development technologies like HTML5, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Swift, Objective C, and others are used to develop hybrid apps.

Advantages of hybrid apps

Building hybrid apps takes less time when compared to native apps. In fact, the development of hybrid apps is easy, you have less code to maintain and gives your users a consistent experience.

The code is written once which saves you development costs and time. These apps look native and can work without an internet connection.

Finally the great advantage of hybrid apps are the app developers can update their app with ease.

Disadvantages of mobile apps

In reality, hybrid apps are not as fast as native apps. Sometimes the speed of the web app totally depends upon the web browser speed.

To sum up, hybrid apps don’t have a native user interface design. Fewer issues related to OS and hardware integrations.

Mobile app developer salary

If you are going to consider mobile application development as your career. Of course, you will be having questions like mobile app developer salary, how much do app developers make. Well, this section will clarify your queries.

However, a mobile app developer’s salary is not fixed. In fact, it depends upon various following factors.

  • Geographical location
  • Programming languages and platform
  • Experience

Geographical location

According to Indeed, app developers in the United States are receiving the highest average annual salary. Here you can see the mobile app developer salary by country in US dollars.

CountryThe average annual salary in US dollars
United States of America $107,000
Canada $68,000
Australia $66,000
United Kingdom $51,000
Germany $47,000
France $44,000
India $4,100
Mobile app developer salary

Significantly you must need to consider the cost of living, expenses, taxation, and many more factors. This case is applicable all over the world.

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Programming languages and platform

Programming languages and platforms also play a crucial role in an app developer salary. Because you will use different programming languages for different platforms.

For example, if you work on the android platform you will use java, if you work on the IOS platform you will use Swift.

If you master both android and ios app development, you will be named a cross-platform developer. These days a lot of start-ups, mid-range companies are looking towards cross-platform developers. Because they can save a lot of money for companies.


In fact, the app developer’s salary directly depends upon the experience. According to Zip Recruiter, an entry-level mobile app developer’s average salary is $78,000 per year in the United States.

Same as online software engineering degrees, there are a lot of online courses and certifications for mobile app development. App development companies are rapidly increasing and there is no shortage of opportunities.

If you have the right skills set, you will definitely get a job in a good app development company with a good salary. In the end, what matters is your talent, so you have to update yourself with the latest technologies.

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How to become an app developer

The journey of mobile app development is long, but attainable with your efforts and hard work. Of course, you don’t need to have a degree in computer science to become a mobile app developer, but it takes time.

The mobile application development industry is vast and it is growing. Why not, you can start a mobile app development company and make your career profitable.

In this section, you will get actionable tips and step by step guide on how to become an app developer.

Choose a major platform of Mobile app development

If you are planning to become an app developer, the very first step you have to do is choosing a major platform.

Hence there are some famous platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, and RIM for app developers.

However, we all know that the Android and IOS platforms are dominating the mobile app development industry. So choosing either android platform or IOS platform is a wise choice and highly recommended.

Android and IOS are two different mobile app development platforms. Of course, if you master one platform first then you can gradually expand your expertise to other platforms.

Learn essential skills

If you need to become a mobile app developer, you need to have essential skills and knowledge. In fact, A degree in software engineering or computer science will give you a good foundation in programming concepts.

But remember a degree is not mandatory to become an app developer. You can always start learning mobile app development on popular websites like Udemy, Coursera.


After choosing the platform and learning core concepts you need to master your skills by practicing. With continuous practice, you can keep your skills sharp and grow your knowledge.

If you have an app idea, try to build it on your own and test your skills. If you don’t have an app idea don’t worry.

Look at the problems what the people are facing in their daily lives, try to generate idea from those problems. Also, read this article on how to validate app ideas if you are struggling to have app ideas.

Do an internship

Try to get an internship because it will be really helpful to kick start your career. Not only experience but also you will get an opportunity to work in a real-life project.

An internship will always help you to have a lot of full-time job opportunities. At the same time, you can develop your communication skills by collaborating with the team.

In this way, you can increase your communication skills and expertise in mobile app development.

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Mobile app development tools

To clarify, mobile app development tools are the software that helps an app developer in the creation of an app.

Mobile app development tools

Here are some of the top and free mobile app development tools.

Android Studio

Android studio is a free android app development tool built by the tech giant Google. In fact, this tool is really suitable for android app developers. The best part of the android studio is it provides drag and drop features.

Furthermore, it provides shortcuts for designing and coding for layouts. Especially if you are a beginner this software is very easy to use.


Ionic is an easy-to-use framework based on CSS, Sass language. This is a cross-platform framework and can work in multiple operating systems.

This framework is free, you can build high-quality apps with ease. Furthermore, it has predefined components and mobile-optimized HTML, CSS, JavaScript components.

React Native

React Native is a new and emerging framework developed by the company Facebook. Of course, this framework is absolutely free and easy to learn and implement.

This amazing framework provides the best experiences for app developers using React and JavaScript. You also build cross-platform apps that look very native.


Outsystems is a free app development platform that is used to build mobile and web apps. Additionally, it has 140 user interface patterns and templates.

You can build, manage, and deploy your web and mobile apps faster and easier. They also provide unlimited email support, Webinars, tutorials.

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is a cross-platform tool and free tool. It helps app developers to build apps by using different technologies like HTML, CSS, Web APIs, JavaScript.

The main advantage of using Adobe PhoneGap is its apps are lightweight. Moreover, the code you use will be highly reusable.


Xamarin is extensively used to build android, IOS, and Windows apps. If you are trying to build a native app then it is worth considering Xamarin.

Xamarin is developed by the company Microsoft. It is a mono framework with a shared .NET codebase. It also offers features like testing, debugging, refactoring, code editing.


Appcelerator is a free mobile app development tool. It is used to create android, IOS, Windows, blackberry, HTML5 apps. If speed is your main factor then Appcelerator is for you.

It has many optimized APIs and uses single JavaScript code base. It has almost 5000 APIs for the IOS, android, Windows, Blackberry, HTML5.

Mobile app development courses

So far we have seen all details about mobile app development. So, its time to see some mobile app development courses that will help you to kick start your career.

Pursuing mobile app developer from scratch is a journey. You need to have consistency and good efforts to become an app developer.

Of course, if you don’t have prior development knowledge don’t worry.

Here are some of the best app development courses for beginners that will help you to become a good app developer.

These are the top free mobile app development courses for beginners. The above courses include both android and IOS app development.

Final words

In this virtual world, 90% of the time spent on mobile is on the apps. This says pursuing mobile app development is a good career option. Of course, You need to stay updated with the latest industry trends.

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