How to become a Web developer

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The need for Web developers in the current market is increasing day by day. Obviously choosing the web development profession is a good career option. Becoming a web developer is easy, but becoming an excellent web developer needs great hard work. This ultimate guide will help you, by giving you an overview of how to become a web developer.

The Web developer profession is one of the well-paid jobs, highly demanded too. Of course, Web development is definitely a booming industry same as the web design industry.

Before that, most importantly you just need to know the following things about web development.

What is web development?

In short, web development is the process of building and maintaining websites. Web development is concerned with the coding and programming of the website.

In fact, the language they will work depends upon the projects.

Web development is especially divided as Front-end development and Back-end development.

A full-stack developer is the one who has knowledge in both front-end development and back-end development.

In general, a front-end developer takes care of the visual aspects of the website. This means, front-end adds interactivity and makes a website look good.

Further, they will work on contact forms, layouts, menus, and much more. They use HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other technical stuff.

In fact, front end developer salary may increase depending upon the extra skills.

The back-end is an essential part of a website. Specifically, the back-end developers will work on the server-side scripting.

Back-end developers ensure so that the website and database run properly. They use some of the languages like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and more on a daily basis.

Skills needed for Web developer

In order to get success in the web development profession, you need to have essential skills. As a web developer, you will need to learn both front-end development and back-end development.

Below, you can find the checklist of two different skills needed for a web developer.

Front end languages, Back end languages
Front end languages, Back end languages

Web frameworks

Web frameworks help web developers in their work. In fact, these frameworks make the life of a web developer easier and faster. Here are some of the web frameworks you should know.

  • Django
  • Node.js
  • Angular
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Flask
  • Ember
  • Vue

What does a web developer do

As a Web developer, these days you will work in a company, startup, or as a freelance web developer. To sum up, your tasks may vary according to your projects.

These are some of the most common daily responsibilities of a web developer.

  • Building websites by using different technologies, web frameworks.
  • modifying, updating the website according to the client requirements.
  • Make sure that the website is attractive and responsive.
  • Testing the websites and troubleshooting the problems.
  • Documentation, Collaborate with the other team members.

Web developer Salary

Of course, you will be curious to know the web developer salary and how much do web developers make. A web developer’s salary mainly depends on experience, company, and more.

However, we did research on how much do web developers make with the help of pay scale salaries, Glassdoor. Below you can find the average web developer salaries with different roles.

Entry level web developer salary – $65k per year

Junior web developer salary – $59k per year

Average web developer salary is $69k per year.

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How to become a web developer

If you want to become a web dev, the first thing is to learn the necessary skills. The skills generally include the above-mentioned tech stack.

Those include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, afterward backend technologies, and other web frameworks. After learning, here are some of the effective steps on how to become a web developer.

Develop your skills and practice coding

In the web development field, you always need to develop your skills. By developing your skills up to date you will definitely stand out from others.

Practice coding, take some challenges. For example, use this website Front end mentor for frontend coding challenges.

Create a Github profile. Use Github effectively, make sure you push code to Github of every project you do.

In addition, Github will grab you some extra attention form employers by showcasing your coding talent. When you are applying for a job add your Github profile link in your resume.

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Build a stunning personal website

After learning the basics and developing skills start doing simple projects. On the other hand, start building your personal website.

As a Web dev, your personal website will always help you to showcase your skills.

A stunning personal website will also give you a good impression for your clients and recruiters. For inspiration have a look at this amazing article web developer’s personal website guide.

Freelance projects

Freelance projects are a great way to get started. Freelancing will help you to boost your skills. At first, try to get small projects which will give you a good experience in web development.

You will also get paid some decent amount based upon the projects.

You can use the best freelancer sites like Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork, and more to get your first project.

Furthermore, your communication skills will be improved by communicating with your clients. This article will help you on how to get your first freelance project.


If you want to get good opportunities, networking also plays a key role. Use platforms like Eventbrite and meetup. These platforms will help you in searching for relevant events.

Join community groups, research, and engage with them. Similarly, talk to software engineers, app developers online about the topics related to technology.

Try to give answers to questions in the Stack overflow. In this way, you will get exposure to yourself as a web developer.

In addition, participate in hackathons, test your coding knowledge, and learn from others.

Who knows maybe you will get noticed by the recruiters, companies and get an offer on the spot!. Devpost is one of the best places to find hackathons.

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How to get a web developer job

After becoming a web developer, make your job search very efficient. Generally, web programmers are highly demanded. Firstly have a great resume and cover letter with you.

Highlight your right skills and provide relevant examples in your resume, cover letter. Finally, start hunting for jobs.

After gaining the knowledge in web development firstly apply for entry level and junior web developer jobs.

Most popular online job portals include the following:

In reality, nobody will knock your door with a job for you in hand. You have to work hard yourself to get a job.

Don’t be afraid to ask your contacts, mutual friends, if they know about anyone who is hiring. In the meantime be prepared for technical tests and coding challenges.

How to learn Web development

How to learn web development? Where to learn web development? Courses to become a web developer? these questions will appear in your mind. Well, now we will discuss them. This section will give you a clear idea.

When it comes to learning, it totally depends on your interest. If you are new to web development don’t worry.

Always remember Nothing is impossible and you can also do it. If you work hard seriously you can also build amazing responsive websites like Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and many more.

Here are some of the best resources available on the internet for web development. In fact, the only thing is you need to follow them and practice.

Future of Web development

In fact, these days every business and company maintains a website. Of course, web developers play a key role in all terms of the website.

Final words, Web development is constantly evolving with advancements in all terms. In the competitive world, you need to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends.

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