Frontend developer interview questions

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Interview questions

In this post, you will see the popular frontend developer interview questions.

Web development is the combination of both front end and back end. In fact, as a frontend developer, you will mainly work on building user interfaces and web applications.

Same as software engineer jobs frontend developer jobs are also having great demand. In today’s world, most of the time spent by a user is on mobile apps or web applications.

Therefore, this says frontend developer profession is more profitable in 2020.

So, let see the frontend developer interview questions and answers that will help you to land a job.

Frontend developer interview questions and answers

1. What are meta tags in HTML?

The meta tag defines the meta data in an HTML document. Meta tags are located inside a head element.

Meta tags are not displayed in the web page but it is for the browser to know how to display the content.

These tags usually contains description, title of the page, character encoding, etc.

2. Difference between div and span?

A div is a block element whereas span is an inline element. In fact, both div and span are used to represent the parts of a web page.

A div is used to divide the content the content of a web page such as header, text, image, footer. On the other hand, span helps in styling purposes.

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3. Explain the main difference between HTML and XHTML?

Both HTML and XHTML are markup languages.

The full form of HTML is HyperText Markup Language whereas the full form of XHTML is Extensible HyperText Markup Language.

The main key difference between them are HTML syntax is SGML based while XHTML syntax is XML based.

4. What are grid systems in CSS?

A CSS grid system helps to divide a web page in terms of position and size.

A grid system mainly contains rows and columns. In fact, it is very easy to design web pages by using float and positioning.

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5. Explain the CSS box model?

The CSS box model helps in the designing and layout of a web page. Of course, the CSS box model usually contains the margin, borders, padding, and the content of a page.

Box model in CSS

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript?

Like many other programming JavaScript has also it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of JavaScript
  • JavaScript is very fast and can run immediately in the client’s browser.
  • We can build rich user interfaces with the help of this programming language.
  • Simplicity is the main advantage of this language because it is easy to learn when compared with other languages.
  • Similarly, the popularity of this language is increasing day by day everywhere on the web.
Disadvantages of JavaScript
  • The code is visible to the users which may result in client-server issues such as malicious attacks.
  • Older browsers don’t support JavaScript, lack of debugging facility is also a drawback.
7. What is ReactJS?

Of course, this is one of the most common frontend developer interview questions.

ReactJS was developed by Facebook. It is an open-source frontend JavaScript library used in building user interfaces.

In fact, ReactJS is mainly used for building single page applications.

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8. How do REST Web services are helpful?

It is a lightweight protocol and also it is very easy to learn. Furthermore, REST is helpful in supporting multiple languages for data transfer.

9. Why is we using jQuery?

jQuery is easily expandable and easy to use. It has ajax capabilities and has various plugins.

Creating animations, cross-browser support is one of its benefits. DOM manipulation can be done with ease. jQuery has also a large number of built-in methods.

10. Differentiate put and post?

Put is mainly used in sending data to a server to create or update a resource.

In fact, the main key difference between put and post is that put requests are idempotent while post is not idempotent.

To sum up, these are the most common and simple frontend developer interview questions. Thus we will update this list on a regular time basis.

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